Holy Trinity Catholic School believes that bullying in all forms is undesirable and totally unacceptable. We all have a duty to work together to protect vulnerable individuals from bullying and other forms of abuse. This is because everyone has the right to work and learn in an atmosphere that is free from fear without negative effects on their learning, teaching or emotional well-being. Where a persistent and intentional in-power of balance is evident with the intention of harm either emotionally of physical then we must act to eradicate such behaviours from our community.

We are all God’s children, valued as such and must be treated accordingly. Therefore, we recognise that:

  • Bullying is a problem to which solutions can be found for the victim and the perpetrator.
  • Seeking help and openness are signs of strength not weakness.
  • All members of the school community must be listened to and taken seriously.
  • All of us have a responsibility to ensure that we do not abuse or bully others.
  • Young people should be able to talk to an adult if they are worried about bullying and have a right to expect that their concerns will be listened to and treated seriously.
  • Young people should be involved in decision-making about matters that concern them

Bullying can take many forms:- Racist, Sexual / Gender identity and Sexual orientation, appearance, isolation and disability either in person or through Cyber Bullying. No form of bullying is tolerated at Holy Trinity.

To read the school policy on Bullying and to see how the school deals with instances of bullying and its policy towards to problem click this link