SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development) is promoted across the entire school curriculum and all aspects of school life. Our full policy sets out our vision and practice in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of right and wrong; an appreciation of different cultures in all their forms and practise the skills and attitudes required for them to participate fully in a democratic society.

Key Stage 3:

  • Students learn about identity, diversity and Human Rights.  They consider how the rights of people are sacrificed through discrimination and bullying on a local, national and global scale.
  • Students learn about the importance of democracy, focusing on local, national and world events. Students may write and distribute questionnaires to find out what needs changing in the local community as part of developing campaign skills through active citizenship.
  • Students debate issues relevant to the current news.  They will learn and develop their speaking skills through identifying the needs, beliefs and opinions of others, as well as their own.
  • Students will consider how the media influences the beliefs that people hold and what impact this has on society.
  • Students will consider their role within society by examining rights and responsibilities of citizens through topics such as crime and justice, political participation and the economy.

Key Stage 4:

  • Students will develop their active citizenship skills by planning and delivering action for change within the local and national sphere. This will support the development of student’s awareness of local charities as well as being an opportunity for students to consider the impact that we, as citizens, can have.
  • Students debate (through debate mate and Citizens UK) a range of global issues, which informs their perspectives on issues
  • Students learn about different campaigns which have brought about change, respecting people’s feelings and values E.g. Safe Havens
  • Students learn about the impact of war and other actions by international bodies and evaluate their impact.