In Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) pupils follow a curriculum which includes some compulsory subjects but also gives them a choice of subjects they would like to study for GCSE or Level 2 Technical Awards.

Pupils in year 9 choose these option subjects during the Spring Term following a programme of advice and guidance from several different sources including careers advice, representation from outside employers, some taster sessions and guidance from staff in subject areas. Pupils will be allocated a guided pathway but all pupils have at least one free choice.

Various materials are made available to assist pupils in their option choices – these include the Option presentation, Options Booklet and other Careers advice.

Every year we review the option process and would welcome feedback from parents/ carers. Information for current year 9 pupils will be made available here, at the appropriate time.

Students will have careers advice and inputs throughout the year as part of their Personal Social Development programme (PSD).

The school will put together an excellent and comprehensive booklet which guides pupils through their choices and shows what each department has on offer.

Again, this will be available here in the Spring term of 2024