Holy Trinity school has invested in a new system of paying for school meals. This is known as Cashless Catering and has been in place since the start of September 2013. The system allows food to be purchased simply by fingerprint recognition and has provided a benefit in two different ways.

a) All pupils are registered on the system and can pay an amount of money into the cash machines at any time. When collecting their meals, they simply have their fingerprint read and their account is deducted by the amount of the meal. This has made the system much more effective and reduces waiting time in the queue. No cash changes hands at the kitchen tills. If a pupil is on Free School Meals then they are automatically credited with the amount of a substantial meal every day.

b) It is suggested that one of the reasons that parents do not apply for a free meal and therefore pupils do not receive the meal which they are entitled to is the perceived stigma attached to obtaining a meal using a free ticket. Using our cashless catering system removes any indication that the meal is provided free as pupils are automatically credited with the cash in their account and they use exactly the same technique as everybody else.

There simply is NO reason why free meals shouldn’t be claimed if you are eligible. To find out if you qualify for a free school meal, apply here.