In the Food and Nutrition Department we teach pupils to be curious and active within every lesson. We believe that Food and Nutrition lessons set a grounding for life and develop essential life skills, which pupils will use each and every day throughout their whole lives.

We have high aspirations for our pupils and provide them a knowledge and skill rich curriculum. Pupils will learn through a range of practical and theory lessons. Through these lessons, we aim to provide all pupils with exciting lessons which stimulate their creative thinking. Pupils at Holy Trinity thoroughly enjoy all Food and Nutrition lessons and exam results are consistently high.

We aim for all pupils, regardless of ability, to be successful and independent cooks who have the ability to cook nutritious family meals within a set budget.  They can work safely and hygienically and work well within a team environment.


In KS3 Food and Nutrition we aim to…

  • Develop the whole child through exciting practical sessions.
  • Develop every child into a capable, competent and independent cook.
  • Equip pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed choices about healthy eating and having a nutritionally balance diet which meets their needs.
  • Allow all students to develop the skills and knowledge to make and implement healthy food choices.
  • Develop all children to be aware of food safety and food hygiene and how to prevent food poisoning occurring in any setting.


In KS4 Hospitality and Catering we aim to…

  • Develop highly competent cooks who are ready to move onto the next level of training at UCB in Hospitality and Catering and Professional Cooking.
  • To have a deep understanding of the world of Hospitality and Catering.
  • To implement the skills and knowledge learnt in KS3 in developing dishes which are healthy and nutritious and which take into account the catering needs of individuals.
  • To be able to present dishes to a restaurant standard which are attractively presented and appealing to the eye.


Curriculum maps:

Year 10 Hospitality and Catering HMC overview

Year 11 Hospitality and Catering HMC overview