‘Creativity takes courage.’ – Henri Matisse

In the Creative Arts department we teach our pupils to be compassionate and loving. We believe that through the arts pupils can gain an appreciation of the wider world. We teach our pupils that Music and Art (including Photography) are valuable subjects that have an impact on every ones lives. We also teach our pupils about the contribution that Music and Art have to society. Through the arts, pupils broaden their cultural experiences and have an opportunity to express themselves using the knowledge and skills that they acquire throughout key stage 3. This learning is then built upon at key stage 4 for those pupils who choose to study Music, Art or Photography at GCSE level.

We have high aspirations for our pupils and provide them with a knowledge and skills rich curriculum. Pupils learn well through shared experience, modelling, practice and exposure to a range of diverse artists and musicians. Through our curriculum we thrive to provide pupils with exciting lessons that ensure all pupils can combine practical skills with creative thinking. We believe these to be valuable skills which can be transferred across the broader curriculum and into future learning and their careers post 16.

Our teachers in the Creative Arts department support pupils in developing their personal, learning and thinking skills. We provide ample opportunities for pupils to work with others, share good practice and learn from each other.

We aim for our pupils to be successful, independent learners who show an appreciation for the arts in its different forms.

In Music we aim to… 

· Develop listening skills so pupils understand the technical aspects of music i.e. that there are 3 beats in a bar and also an as an exploration of the purpose and meaning of a piece of music.

· Build on the knowledge acquired at KS2 where pupils explore melodic composition. Pupils will explore music through improvisation and we will provide opportunities for pupils to learn about harmony so that by the end of year 9 all pupils are able to form and use the primary chords in a number of keys and embellish these with bass lines, melodies and rhythmic accompaniment.

· Develop and enhance performance skills through the use of technology and musical instruments.

· Build regular opportunities for singing so that pupils develop confidence with singing and a sense of ensemble and performance.

· Teach about the development of music overtime and its origin. Pupils will learn about Popular music genres (Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop) and traditional music (Samba, Folk, Reggae, Indian Classical, Bollywood)

In Art and Photography we aim to…

· Develop research skills, make observations and develop ideas

· Perform the process of designing and making art

· Develop primary and secondary research into own ideas using different mediums i.e. drawing, photography, annotations

· Use and become skilled in a variety of techniques and processes

· Reflect and review ideas and be able to communicate how ideas have developed throughout a project

· Develop pupils to be confident self-managers who take risks and be open to learning new techniques, experimenting with different processes, mediums and materials



Miss C French – Head of Faculty

Mr J Bennett – Teacher of Art

Mr J Sherman- Teacher of Music (Lead teacher for Music)

Ms V Hodson-  Teacher of Photography (Assistant Head teacher)

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Art and Design Curriculum Map

Music Curriculum Map

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