Headline figures

Our Progress 8 figure is an impressive 0.38

76% of pupils achieved grades 9-4%

57% achieved grades 9-5 and 21% a grade 7+

 (GCSE English results, 2019)

‘We know what we are, but know not what we may be’ –  Shakespeare

In English we strive to ensure that every child reaches their true potential and is fully prepared for the demands of the new curriculum. Each strand: reading, writing, speaking and listening is weaved throughout the KS3/KS4 curriculum to provide a rich and engaging learning experience for all; ultimately providing students with the right tools to succeed in Literature and Language, allowing them to acquire skills which will serve them positively in their life after Holy Trinity Catholic School by creating well rounded pupils who are affluent in all strands of English.


Mrs R Sian – Head of English (Senior Middle Leader, Literacy and  Language for Learning)

Mr W Morton – Second in English

Mrs H Youngson – Teacher of English

Mrs G Smith – Teacher of English

Mrs J Begum – Teacher of English

Miss H Khalid – Teacher of English

Mrs J Wall – Assistant Head teacher and Teacher of English

Mrs F Pritchard – Assistant Head teacher

Mrs N Doyle – Curriculum Support Assistant

Mrs C Doherty – Curriculum Support Assistant

Mrs E Stafford- LRC Resource Manager


Students are formally assessed twice every half term. Students will receive regular oral feedback and will have an opportunity to reflect on their work and progress as part of DIRT and self- assessment.

Websites/ Useful Links

Gutenberg sites: Free online edition of A Christmas Carol :


Shakespeare Online: Free online editions of Macbeth (Year 10) and Romeo & Juliet (Year 9):



Genius: Annotated copies of the Power and Conflict Poetry Anthology:


Revision Guides:


Language Paper 1 & 2 Revision Guides: