Holy Trinity Catholic School

A vision for an ‘Outstanding school’

With Christ at our centre, our educational intent at Holy Trinity, is inspired through the schools motto: ‘Learn to Love. Love to Learn’. We ensure that the interests of all young people are respected equally, in a thriving culture of encouragement and achievement. We work to enable each of the current key priority areas, to complement one another, working in synergy to ensure that the skills, needs and worth of every single pupil are recognised and developed. Working alongside our Academy partners & Governors, we look to establish short and long term strategic goals, ensuring that Holy Trinity is a flourishing institution both in the present and in the future. The schools leadership team work collaboratively and effectively and model a total commitment to school improvement. Leaders are ‘just’ through their words and actions. Leaders at all levels, develop a synthesised approach to school improvement and self-evaluation.  Leaders are committed to the development and well-being of all staff, irrespective of their job responsibility. All staff contribute to the schools mission and play an active part in its development. A culture of Safeguarding permeates through all aspects of school life. Holy Trinity Catholic School is compliant ‘plus’ in its statutory requirements. All pupils are loved, cared for, respected and treated with dignity. The ‘voices’ of all children are heard and valued. Holy Trinity is committed to working with external agencies and collaborating through community outreach work. Holy Trinity is committed to the inclusivity of all members of the school community. Holy Trinity is a place where perceived ‘difference’ is ignored, choosing instead to focus upon all of our many shared characteristics. To be regarded as truly ‘Outstanding’, the schools Behaviour System is required to sanction, educate, forgive, reconcile, reward and to stimulate personal growth. Through Personal Development, we want all pupils to develop ‘holistically’, becoming confident citizens who accept themselves and all other people. It is our intent to ensure that Holy Trinity’s curriculum is broad, balanced, aspirational, exciting and engaging for all learners. At Holy Trinity, we believe that all young people should be able to access their full curriculum entitlement. Holy Trinity is committed to having an ambitious vision to support youngsters with Special Educational Needs and / or Disability. The school’s curriculum is underpinned by a clear strategy on numeracy and literacy, which includes a thriving culture of reading. At Holy Trinity, we want all youngsters to be able to access a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities, having access to a plethora of experiences to enhance their culture capital. Pupils are encouraged to ‘think’ in lessons and are suitably challenged in order to reach their potential. Pupils are encouraged to ‘take risks’ and to accept that challenges in learning will be encountered. Through, collaboration with teachers, young people are equipped with the confidence to problem solve and to overcome any difficulties encountered. Teachers have ‘no limits’ in their expectations for all learners, with Holy Trinity youngsters instilled with the belief that they ‘can achieve anything’ that they aspire for, with any possible barriers to this success understood, but positively challenged. We want young people to look back at their time in Holy Trinity as being a very happy one that was filled with many opportunities and fond memories. As young people educated in a faith environment, youngsters will make a positive contribution to the world, inspired by how they have developed in school. Ultimately, we want every pupil to be able to leave with a world of opportunities at their feet, for them to reach their fullest of potentials, to believe in themselves and to achieve their wildest dreams’.

C Crehan

20th June 2022