At Holy Trinity we love to hear success stories from our former pupils. These stories are an inspiration to our pupils. Life does not always work out as we expect and our future careers could involve roles that we never imagined having. These accounts from our former pupils  give ideas about possible future career pathways and also remind us that Holy Trinity pupils, really can achieve anything! We are very proud of you all. If you are a past pupil and would like to share your story, please send an email to Mrs Henvey ( We would love to hear from you!

Khalid Daley

Left Holy Trinity: 2012

Subjects I chose for GCSE: Sociology, History, French

Courses I did at college: Drama & Theatre Studies, English Language and Literature, Business Studies

Career to date: So in regards to my career date, to keep it brief, I’ve toured in a musical, done a world tour for the National Theatre’s production of War Horse, been in the 4 o’clock Club & Doctors for the BBC and I recently played John Laurens & Philip Hamilton in the West End production of Hamilton.

Khalid’s advice to our pupils: My advice would be to look after your mind, your body, your spirit, your talents/skills and yourself. Dream big!


Serena Arthur

Left Holy Trinity: 2014 with 6 A*s, 5As and 2Bs

Serena was the Birmingham Young Poet Laureate between 2014 and 2016

Subjects studied at college: English Language and Literature, Psychology and Philosophy A Level, Art AS Level and an EPQ.

Further Education: BA hons in English at Oxford University (Mansfield College)

Current job role: I am the Editor at Trapeze  (Orion)

Serena’s advice to our pupils:  Think what you love aswell as what you are good at when choosing subjects and you will get to the best place for you


James Myles (was Gallagher)

Left Holy Trinity: 2008

Option subjects chosen: Drama, ICT and Spanish (Media Studies was also compulsory then as we were a Media Arts College)

Subjects studied at college: Maths, Chemistry, English Literature and Psychology A Levels

Further Education: BSc hons in Psychology followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in High Intensity Psychological Therapies. This was done after experience of working in psychological services within mental health

Current job role: Cognitive behavioural therapist

James’ advice to our pupils: School may seem challenging now but it really does open up the doors to your future. As an adult now I can truly appreciate the hard work and effort from schooling and from my teachers. You may not realise now but you’ll look back and see how with education and the support of your teachers, you can exceed expectations. The career I am in now is not one I dreamed of doing. If your dream plan doesn’t work out, there are always alternatives. This doesn’t mean you have failed; it means you can learn and grow and do something that may bring you more happiness than you could have ever imagined. If it weren’t for the teachers around me, who believed and supported me, I wouldn’t be where I am today


Chris Devaney

Left Holy Trinity: 2007

Option subjects chosen: History, Art and Spanish (Media Studies was also compulsory then as we were a Media Arts College)

Subjects studied at college:  English Literature/Language, Psychology and Media Studies A Levels

Further Education: BSc hons in Psychology with Integrated Placement Year

Current job role: Practice Supervisor for Birmingham Children’s Trust

Chris’ advice to our pupils: Organisation and preparation are key! Make lots of memories and be true to yourself. School days are some of the best of your life; make the most of them- they’ll have the biggest impact on the person you become. Study hard, laugh harder and take every opportunity that’s offered to you.


John McDougall 

Left Holy Trinity: 2004

Option subjects chosen: PE and Art

Subjects studied at college:  Attended the Royal National College based in Hereford , studying Sport. After two years at college I went into football coaching.

Current job role: Progression Coordinator for a national charity called Street League. We work with 16-20 year olds who are not in employment, training or education. We run an employability programme alongside English and Maths functional skills.


Megan Millership (was McDougall)

Left Holy Trinity: 2005

Option subjects chosen: Drama, Health and Social Care

Subjects studied at college:  English Language and Literature A Level

Megan’s story: I wasn’t the most academic at school and unlike my peers, I would have to work really hard to retain information. Hours of revising would see me get the same grade as the person sitting next to me who had done no revising at all. My dream job was to be a teacher. I went to Solihull Sixth Form to study 4 A Levels. English Literature/ Language, Religious Studies, Health and Social Care and I originally picked Politics when I genuinely couldn’t have told you who was the Prime Minister at the time! Safe to say that I dropped it pretty quickly!

I completed my University application and got a conditional offer in the lead up to my final exams to study English with a view to becoming an English teacher. A week before I was due to sit my A Levels, I had a car accident which left me in hospital for nearly a week and meant I couldn’t move my neck. The college offered to provide a scribe and so I was able to complete my English exam but it just wasn’t the same and I knew I hadn’t done as well as I was capable of. I was too unwell to do the other exams so I left college with just one A Level (I achieved a Grade C in the end) and my conditional offer was withdrawn.

I then had to decide whether to resit my second year. I opted not to and instead started applying for jobs. I applied for jobs that sounded interesting and promised myself that this was merely a ‘gap year’. Soon after, I got a Claims Advisor job with Direct Line Insurance and that was when my career began! I quickly progressed through the company; Claims Advisor to Team Leader to Lead Agent and then on to Operations Manager (managing 12 managers and 160 advisors). I’m sure my teachers would agree that managing people was always going to be my vocation!

After 6 years at Direct Line and travelling a lot, often being away Monday to Friday with work, I was ready for my next challenge. I secured a job as Operations Manager at a much smaller business called Rightio. I have completed my HR qualifications, gaining my CIPD Level 5 and have completed numerous managemet courses.

I am now head of a business for Rightio’s sister company, Careclub. I manage a Management team and drive the strategic vision throughout the business.