Geography – 82% 9-4; Progress 1.1

 (GCSE results, 2019)

Geography helps us to understand the fast-paced, ever changing world that we live in. We can discover how the forces of nature work and how we as humans can try to cope as we live alongside them. The world is a rapidly changing place and it is essential that we have a good understanding of how it works in order to be informed, thoughtful and positive citizens of the 21st Century. 

Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.’ (in reference to climate change)’ – David Attenborough

‘ Geography is the subject which holds the key to the future.’ – Michael Palin


Mr T Woolgar- Head of Humanities

Miss C Evans- Head of Year 7/ Teacher of Humanities

Mrs C McDonagh- Teacher of Humanities

Mrs K Gupta- Teacher of Humanities

Mrs C Nicholls- Teacher of Humanities


At Key stage 3, students are assessed in line with the marking policy – every 3 weeks. This entails exam questions that link directly to the exam board (AQA), and have mark schemes that students can become familiar with. This is always in the form of extended writing. For summative assessment, students will answer exam papers on a cumulative basis, covering all topics up to that point so far. This helps with recall and prompts them to remember previous learning. This prepares them well for KS4.

At Key stage 4, students are assessed in line with the marking policy – every 3 weeks, but in between there will be more focus on types of exam questions and this will also be built into homework tasks that they need to complete. Exam questions in some cases are set every week to get them used to the level of challenge and difficulty.

The course:

At GCSE students will follow the AQA Geography specification. They will complete and be assessed against the knowledge and skills acquired in the following units:

  • Unit 1: Living in the Physical Environment – 1hr 30 min exam
  • Exam worth 35%
  • Unit 2: Challenges in the human environment – 1hr 30 min exam
  • Exam worth 35%
  • Unit 3: Geographical applications – 1 hr 15 min exam
  • Exam worth 30%

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