LMI for All is an online data portal, developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, which brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) helping to inform people’s choices about their careers.

Use the boxes below to select a career and find out the average earnings for that profession.

You can also use the iCould link to find out additional information about different careers and pathways. The site includes personal accounts from real people talking about their careers- explaining their job role, career paths and the different factors that influenced their choices. All of this information will be useful in helping you to think about your future.

Please click on the following useful links for further information about careers and the labour market:


Sacu is an interactive website that helps young people research their future options. It provides free access to a range of tools including ‘what to include in a personal statement’. The website provides a volume of information about Higher Education, Further Education, Apprenticeships and careers.


Plotr is a government supported and industry-led website that connects young people to the world of work.  It is the bridge that aims to close the gap between education and employment. This interactive website provides useful and up to date information to young people, inspiring them towards fulfilling their ambitions and finding a career that is suitable for them.


iCould is an online charity that provides careers information and ideas for young people. It is an interactive website with a wealth of information for young people to access, including real life accounts from people sharing their own personal careers journey’s and pathways.