School History
Holy Trinity Catholic School first opened in September 1975 as a mixed 11-16 Catholic School and was based originally at St. Michael’s in Digbeth with Mr Michael Hurley as Headteacher.

In the early 1980s, the Diocesan Schools Commission reviewed the provision of Catholic education in the City and made the decision in 1986 to redesign and rebuild the site of Holy Trinity Catholic School as we know it today, formerly known as Oakley Road Boys’ School.

In 1988 Holy Trinity opened at its current site in Small Heath Birmingham with Mr Tom Temple as Headteacher who led and shaped the vision of Holy Trinity for 18 years. It was also in this year that Holy Trinity Catholic School became a founding member of the Birmingham Catholic Partnership.

Since then it has continued to enhance Catholic education in Birmingham and continues to be a lighthouse for the community it serves. In 2016 Mr Colin Crehan became the 7th Headteacher of Holy Trinity Catholic School.