In 2022, 100% of students achieved Grades 9-4 in GCSE Photography with 27% achieving at least a Grade 6

In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” – Alfred Stieglitz

Photography allows pupils to explore their creativity digitally. As part of the Art and Design suite, pupils will learn the language of the formal elements; colour, line, shape, tone and space and apply this to their photography work. Photography enables pupils to capture the beauty and reality of our world and provides them with opportunities to express themselves through still image. Pupils will develop many skills including digital image manipulation, studio and lighting photography and experimental imagery. GCSE Photography is accessible to all pupils regardless of their ability.

All they need is a spark of imagination!



Ms Hodson- Assistant Headteacher & Teacher of Photography

Key Topics  

  • Introduction to camera techniques
  • Pattern and form
  • Stop motion animation
  • Portraits and pop art
  • Experimental imagery and surrealism
  • Studio work and lighting
  • Photograms and sun prints


GCSE Photography is offered to pupils at KS4. Pupils will follow the OCR Art and Design specification where they are assessed against four objectives:

  • Develop (25%)
  • Explore (25%)
  • Record (25%)
  • Present (25%)

Pupils will complete two portfolios:

60% Portfolio– Pupils will choose a title/ theme from a list provided by the school. Pupils will begin work on this at the end of year 10 and will have until Christmas to complete it. Pupils will explore a range of photographers and techniques in response to their chosen theme. Pupils will have some opportunities to attend trips that will help inform their portfolio work. Pupils will be expected to take photographs in their own time.

Set task- this part of the qualification is worth 40% of the final grade and is set by OCR. Pupils will receive five themes to choose from in January of year 11. Pupils will be allowed to prepare for their exam i.e. research artist, explore ideas. Pupils will sit their final exam around Easter time.

Both portfolios will be assessed by Holy Trinity and then moderated by OCR  in the summer term. Pupils will receive their final grade with their results in August.

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