24 Sep

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On the 12th September, eleven of our Year 9 girls took part in a STEM event at the University of Birmingham. The day started with a lecture on the make-up, movement and destruction of stars. The girls really engaged with this discussion, asking detailed questions and making notes.

Students then moved on to participating in an engineering workshop on bridge-building. They had to work as a team to read and understand the plan, try different strategies for the construction of the bridge and compete against another team to complete the bridge in the quickest time possible. Our team obviously won!

In the afternoon, students participated in a workshop on the link between archaeology and evolution of the species, particularly in relation to wolves and dogs. Again, students really engaged with the activity, asking relevant interesting questions.

At the end of the day, some students currently studying at the university shared details of their experiences and how they had come to choose their individual courses at the University of Birmingham. Throughout the day, our students exhibited exemplary behaviour, participated enthusiastically in all activities and asked well-thought-out incisive questions.


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