14 Mar

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On the 7th March, seventy Year 8 students travelled to Hampton Court Palace to experience what life was like in the Tudor times. The students explored the Castle and took place in a debate about the line of succession. The students had a fantastic time and here are their highlights from the day:

‘The trip to Hampton Court Palace was amazing and so much fun. I love the beautiful garden and the portraits.’

‘It was an amazing place to visit. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to see how Henry VIII lived. I learnt many great facts and got to see magnificent gardens. It was pretty like the Sistine Chapel with pictures across hallways. The artwork was phenomenal. Overall, it was a great place to be and I hope to visit somewhere like that in the future.’

‘My favourite part of the trip was the garden and the fountains. I also enjoyed looking at all the portraits and tapestries.’

‘I enjoyed the trip because I saw many old pictures of different monarchs such as Henry VIII and Edward VI. I also learnt a lot about the Tudor family tree.’

‘When I went to Hampton Court Palace it was extremely good fun and I really enjoyed walking around the King’s apartments.’


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