16 Nov

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We were delighted to receive an account of a work experience opportunity attended by one of our Year 11 students during the recent half term holiday. Thank you to Miss Read for helping to organise this opportunity:

Last week I went to Monarch Aircraft Engineering Hanger at Birmingham Airport. This was made possible by Miss Read, who I am thankful to. I had an amazing week learning about the hydraulics, principles of flight and how to replace faulty panels on the Airbus A320. It was very interesting to learn that there are three types of fuel tanks on the Airbus – blue, green and yellow hydraulic systems.

The most memorable moment was when I was given the opportunity to program the MCDU in the flight deck (Aircrafts Flight Management System) and was able to use the throttles to spool up the engines, the sensation was phenomenal. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially doing maintenance and ‘tour of the flight deck’ on the aircraft (A320). I will do my pilot training next year. Thank you to Miss Read and Mandy for this experience. I learned so much and this will benefit me at flight school.

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R.S. Year 11.