03 Mar

Appeal for Support – Fly-tipping message for Parents and Community


Forever Fly-tipping

By Grace & Ellen Broadbelt, Muqaddas Zaheen, and Mahia Begum

Fridges left on roadsides

Left upset at being abandoned? Or worried about its carbon footprint?

Yet still nothing is done.

Turned up one night unexpected,

It is a real blight to our view.

Placed on pavements

Polluting the air,

I take action yet

Nothing gets done.

Great! The world’s dying.


Due to harmful actions of citizens/peers dumping rubbish, it is ruining the environment around you. There are overflowing bins, cans, empty food boxes and even needles lying around on the streets. As well as in parks where little children play. Even your child could get hurt by these hazards even if the object is small. Between 2020 – 2021, there was 1.13 million fly-tipping incidents and there has been a 16% increase.


What can you do to HELP?

  • Even though it may not be your rubbish, help to clean the environment for future generations.
  • Do not litter and place your rubbish in a bin.
  • Help clean the streets (even if you clean 2-3 streets) would make a difference.


Please prevent this disaster that will destroy the earth one day which no one can stop unless you do something about it now.



Letters to MP:

Please click on the links below to view letters written by citizenship students to our local MP.

Letter to MP 1

Letter to MP 2

Letter to MP 3