02 Jun

If you would like to take part in our special MAC edition of the Virtual Choir, please read the instructions below and download the relevant files.

If you have any issues or questions please contact Miss Hancock on phancock@holytrc.bham.sch.uk

Deadline: Wednesday 24th June


1. Ensure you have two devices that can access the internet (phone, tablet, laptop/desktop) and make sure one of them has an audio recording app on it

2. Download the guide track and lyrics

3. Plug headphones into the device you will play the guide track through

4. Record yourself on the other device singing along with my guide track (keep the guide track playing through your headphones the whole time)

5. Email me the audio on phancock@holytrc.bham.sch.uk (or share on OneDrive / Google Drive)

6. Please make sure your recording device is no more than an arm’s length away from you, preferably between 15 and 30cm away

7. When you email your recording over to me, please include the following information:

a. Full name (including title)

b. Which school you work at

c. Your role in school

d. Whether you are happy for me to use parts of your recording in solo or small group sections