05 Feb

Update for parents and carers: Friday 5th February 2021

Some key and additional information added from previous is included in bold.

We continue to operate within full national lockdown guidelines.

The Government announced last week that schools would not be expected to open for pupils during February half term. Likewise, there is no expectation for parents to support with home learning during this week! A much-needed break for all!

School closes to pupils on Friday 12th February for half-term and reopens again on Monday 22nd February.

Following recent assessment and data collection, Year 11 pupils and parents will be receiving a posted Progress Report during half-term.

I am delighted to announce that despite everything, Year 11 remain on track to achieve an incredible set of results!

Deep cleaning, essential site maintenance and continued preparations for school expansion, to take place during the half-term break on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Government have also announced that schools would not be opening fully until March 8th at the earliest.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are unwell with Covid 19. We pray for the families of those who have lost their lives. We pray for our NHS and Social Care workers, who are battling hard to preserve life and to keep us all safe.

​School remains fully operational throughout this period of lockdown, with all available staff without the appropriate exemptions, in school and carrying on with essential work to support our school and wider community. Colleagues, who cannot be in work through exemption, will be following their full working patterns from home.

Children of key workers and children identified by school as most benefiting from being in, are following a fully taught curriculum that is delivered by teacher subject specialists. Please contact school if you feel that your child needs the support of being in school due to circumstances including difficulties in accessing online teaching etc. There are no limits on the numbers of places we can offer in school to children with these particular circumstances. We are delighted to welcome our youngsters into school.

All pupils and families are receiving additional ‘Keeping in Touch’ (KIT) phone calls. A member of staff will contact you to ensure that all is well and to offer any additional support that may be required. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask.

I very much enjoyed my virtual assembly with Year 9 via ‘Microsoft Teams’ today! We are delighted that a large number of pupils tuned into the assembly. The assembly was based upon the simple message that youngsters must remain focussed on their studies. Due to current uncertainty, we will be delaying the choosing of Option Subjects until later on in the academic year. As always, we are fully committed to pupils choosing their options but are also prepared to establish specific ‘options pathways’ should it be necessary to do so in our response to the challenges of this pandemic.  

I look forward to delivering a virtual assembly to Year 7 and Year 8 via ‘Microsoft Teams’ on Friday 12th February at the following time:

Year 7 and Year 8 Assembly with C Crehan via ‘Microsoft Teams’ for all pupils from 11.15 – 11.45

This assembly will contain important information regarding current progress in Years 7 & 8 and advice on establishing good routines and maintaining positive well-being will also be provided. Where possible, every child in Year 7 and Year 8 should attend this assembly and further information will be sent via their school email and through ‘Teams’. Please contact school if there are any technical issues in accessing this assembly and our technical team will look to support / offer advice. In some instances, we can ensure that provision is available in school should it be required for youngsters to come in.  

Thank you to all who attended school to collect paper based resources and guidance for online learning programme during this past fortnight. A very strong turnout for work collected. It is important to note that our rationale for home and remote learning is to provide a ‘mix’ of learning opportunities to ensure that all children are supported. Through providing a ’mix’ and range of learning opportunities, we are determined to ensure that no child is left behind academically, socially and emotionally because of this latest lockdown.

If for whatever circumstance, has not been collected such as your family is isolating, please contact School Reception and we will arrange postage or delivery. It is vitally important that these resources be obtained, in order to ensure that no child at Holy Trinity is left behind.

We are delighted with the implementation of our ambition to equip all pupils with their own laptop device to support with remote and home learning. We are closing to achieving this ambition. Please contact school should your child require a device. In addition, we have acquired a number of ‘4G dongles’ that we can provide to families with no internet access other than that provided by a phone, or where internet has an inconsistent connection. Please contact School Reception if you wish to be allocated with a ‘4G dongle’.

All families should now have received their first Food Vouchers. Please contact school if this has not been received or there is a problem in accessing the voucher. In addition, a food parcel / lunch is available for collection from school from 11 – 12 each day. School will provide pupils with at least their full entitlement of a £2.50 school lunch each day.

Mass testing for asymptomatic cases of Covid19 in school, continues to take place, with process effectiveness increasing weekly. Staff are regularly tested with this being increased to twice weekly in line with latest Public Health guidelines. Testing for asymptomatic cases amongst pupils is currently paused in line with the guidance provided.

As we progress through these challenging times together, we must be mindful that our continued collaboration and strong working partnership is the only way in which we can overcome the challenges that are faced. 

Our school mission has been strengthened during this pandemic, which is to provide all of our pupils with an excellent education, to support them in achieving absolutely anything that they set their ambition for. There are ‘no limits’ to what can be achieved in our school.

With a new strain of Covid19 evidenced to be more highly transmissible, we must continue to take all proactive and preventative measures to ensure the safety of all. Thank you for your continued diligence in wearing a face covering and maintaining social distance when you visit school.

If your child or any of the household are displaying any of the main symptoms of Covid19, such as a new or continuous cough, a high temperature or fever, a loss or change to taste or smell, you are expected to stay at home, isolate and to seek a test. 

The coming week is National County Lines Intensification week continued, led by West midlands police. Please access the link to an important letter that has been drafted specifically for parents.

Please look out for further information via text message, pupil email, ‘Microsoft Teams’ messages or updates to this website.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Crehan