15 Sep

Dear parents,

First of all, thank you for your amazing messages of support. This has been greatly appreciated by everyone.

It has been a difficult couple of days, but through this challenge, our bonds of community have been strengthened.

Following on from the news yesterday that a pupil has tested positive for Covid19, we liaised with Health Officials and sent home a class bubble (11c) and associated staff who had worked with this particular group of youngsters.

Regrettably, and on following initial precautionary advice, we have sent home all of Year 11 today to isolate along with associated staff, following a second positive test of Covid19 for one of our youngsters.

Thankfully, both of our pupils are doing well and are making a recovery.

A special word of praise for all Year 11 pupils who have shown huge empathy and maturity beyond their years in how they have responded to all instructions given from staff in the last couple of days.

Following a rigorous evaluation of school Risk Assessment procedures, we have received all of the necessary guidance from Public Health England about how to proceed from here.

It is important to note that both cases are not connected, with transmission having occurred in the community and not in school.

Therefore, two Year 11 tutor groups are to remain isolated at home and are only to return to school on the following dates:

11c – Full return to school for all pupils from this tutor group this Friday 18th September.

11A – Full return to school for all pupils on Thursday 24th September.

Please ensure that pupils access their online learning resources via our website as normal. Hard copy, paper resources of all work available upon request. Pupils to continue communicating with their teachers via email in line with normal practice.

The remaining tutor group ‘bubbles’ 11B, 11D, 11E, 11F are to return to school as normal from tomorrow 16th September. We welcome all pupils back into school at 8.40.

Health advice is for school to continue in operation as it has been and pupils will continue to work in their ‘tutor group bubbles’

Just a reminder of our repeated safety message:

If your child is displaying any kind of Coronavirus symptom (temperature, persistent dry cough, loss of taste or smell), they must stay at home for 10 days. If a member of your household is displaying any symptoms, the whole family must stay at home and isolate for 14 days. In both instances, ensure that you book a book a test immediately when displaying symptoms by using the online system or by ringing 119 if you are unable to book online. We would advise that you notify school in the event that your child or a family member receives a positive test. Please contact school if you are unable to access a test for any reason.

Mr Crehan