05 Nov

Update for parents and carers: Friday 5th November 2021:

Our school motto inspires us to ‘Learn to Love’ all people made in equal in the image and likeness of God. We follow the commands of God and love everybody as equals.

We pray for all people who continue to be affected by this Coronavirus pandemic.

Lord in your mercy.

Hear our pray.

We pray to our year group patrons to guide and inspire us:

St John Bosco, St John Paul 11, St Catherine of Siena, St Elizabeth of Hungary and St Teresa of Calcutta – pray for us.


I am pleased to announce that Professor Paul Ryan has been appointed as Catholic Senior Executive Leader (CSEL) and will take up a permanent and full-time post in our Academy from January 1st. Professor Paul will begin a period of transition and handover work with me from November 1st and will predominantly be based in Head Office at Archbishop Ilsley. I am very much looking forward to working with Professor Paul over the weeks ahead, as we look to ensure that our MAC is in the best possible position to flourish in the future.

My current interim and additional responsibility as Accounting Officer for our MAC will finish on the 31st December.

Senior Leaders and our Head of Year 10, have been very impressed with ‘Attitudes to Learning’ in Year 10, following a series of visits to lessons prior to half-term. Over 100 lessons have been visited and it is clear that Year 1O pupils have adjusted well to the demands of studying GCSE courses for the first time.

With thanks to Year 7 Pupils and Parents, following successful and well attended ‘Welcome Evening’ via ‘School Cloud’. We continue to operate in challenging times and hope to be in a position later in the year, when we can have these meetings ‘face to face’ in school again.

We wish Year 11 pupils all of the very best in their GCSE Mock Examinations that they are currently taking in school. Performance in these examinations will dictate the extra tuition and intervention strategy that we will put in place from January.

Congratulations to Mahin Shah Year 11 (recently appointed Head Girl) and Isa Abdul Year 11 (recently appointed Head Boy)! Supported by a very strong team of Year 11 leaders, I am confident that both of these wonderful pupils will make a positive impact in their new and very distinguished positions in school.

Huge progress continues to be made in our School Expansion Buildings Project! Very soon, our Science Labs, RE Classrooms, Library. School Hall and Dance Studio, will be open for full use!

It is important to note at this point, that driving and parking near our Oakley Road Entrance Point, remains highly problematic at ‘drop off’ and ‘collection’ times. Ensuring that all pupils enter and exit the School Building safely, is a number on priority. I ask that parents continue to be patient and understanding of this situation as we all endeavour to support one another as best as possible. Thank you.

Thank you for your support in returning consent forms for pupil vaccination that has taken place in school yesterday. Uptake in vaccines at Holy Trinity, has currently exceeded national averages for young people receiving one to date. Please contact school if you wish to receive any additional advice regarding pupil vaccination.

As we navigate our way through the winter, here is a reminder of some key Covid Safety Practices in school:

· Children should isolate if they have tested positive for Covid19. If children have been identified as a ‘close contact’ of someone who has tested positive, they will not be required to isolate but will be ‘advised’ to take a PCR test by NHS Track and Trace.

· Staff and pupils are still expected to remain off from school if they are displaying main Covid symptoms and are advised to book a PCR test. Main symptoms remain; a new or continuous cough, a loss of or change to taste or smell and a high temperature / fever.

· Face coverings are not expected to be worn in school by pupils or staff. School will support pupils and staff who wish to continue wearing a face covering as an additional support in any crowded areas.

· Schools are encouraged to maintain established and strong practices regarding ventilation and hygiene. Pupils and staff to still regularly wash and sanitise their hands. Classroom doors and windows to remain open during lessons.

* Thank you for your continued diligence and support, in maintaining regular weekly Covid tests at home for your children.

* School to keep up to date with all information provided by the Department for Education and Public Health England and will inform parents immediately if there are any changes.

A message from Anna Brewer (Chair of Governors).

Holy Trinity is looking to appoint a new Parent Governor. A new Parent Governor would work alongside an already elected Parent Representative, to provide a key perspective on how best to serve the children in our school. Alongside all other Governors, a newly appointed Parent Governor will provide strategic support and expertise to this very important area of school life. If you are interested in taking up this position, please write and return an ‘Expression of Interest’ that outlines your relevant skills and experience. If School receives multiple returns, an election will be held to identify the selected candidate via a democratic vote. Please return your ‘Expression of Interest’ via email to G McLeish GMcLeish@holytrc.bham.sch.uk no later than 3pm on Friday 19th November. If you would like to receive any further information about this position, please make a request via the same email address and an established Governor will be in touch to discuss any questions that you may have. On behalf of all of the Governors, thank you for your interest in this position.

Some key dates and information for this half-term:

· 1st December & 2ND December: Year 11 Progress Evening via ‘School Cloud’

· Friday 17th December: Non Uniform Day. Pupils dismissed for their Christmas break at 12.15

· Tuesday 4th January: INSET day for staff only

· Wednesday 5th January: Pupils return to school from 8.35

In addition, please look out for information regarding extra-curricular opportunities that are available to youngsters, via information shared by individual Subject Departments.

Please access the School Calendar from this Website for further information.

The continued strong partnership between school and home, is at the foundation of the successes that we continue to celebrate.

Please look out for any further information via text message, pupil email, ‘Microsoft Teams’ messages, updates to this website, or letters posted to your homes.

Best Wishes,

Mr Crehan

Headteacher: Holy Trinity Catholic School

Interim Accounting Officer: St Teresa of Calcutta Multi-Academy Company