24 Jan

The 5Rs were reintroduced as part Holy Trinity’s curriculum during the summer term of 2017. This initiative was introduced to support students in developing the skills needed to become lifelong learners and equipping them with the attributes to be successful in school and beyond. Whilst driving academic excellence is a priority for our curriculum, developing the whole child is the core to what we do at Holy Trinity. Developing student’s readiness, resourcefulness, reflectiveness, responsibility and resilience has been the driving force behind our new curriculum this year. Already students are using this language to support their learning, progress and achievement at school.

At Holy Trinity we seek to reward students for their excellence and exemplary attitudes towards learning. We will have a termly focus on the 5Rs, which will provide students with opportunities to show how they are using the 5Rs to support their learning enabling them to work to the best of their ability. We also have a group of 15 students who will work alongside Ms Hodson to promote the 5Rs throughout the school. These students are very proud of this responsibility and wear their badges with pride! Amongst our ambassadors are some budding journalists who have already begun some marvellous work in capturing student and staff responses about the 5Rs. The ambassadors will be working together to create a podcast and article that will be available on our school website very soon!