15 May

As we approach the Holy time of Ramadan we are contacting to reassure parents of our school support for your sons and daughters at this time. We are aware that a number of our Muslim students will be fasting. We would also like to reassure parents and carers that the PE curriculum will be modified to ensure that intense physical activity is not being expected of our students during this important time and that reasonable adjustment has been made in order to ensure that students who are fasting do not lose out on their entitlement to the PE curriculum. As a school the health and safety of all students is a priority at all times and especially for our Year 11 students who will be sitting their GCSE examinations.

As you may be aware there are important GCSE exams which take place during Ramadan- some of which will fall on the Holy day of Eid. It is very important that all students attend for all of their public examinations, including those that fall on Eid itself; these public examinations cannot be rearranged or retaken at another time during the exam period.

As a school we will be collecting donations of food and useful personal items which will be shared with local families and Mosques. If you are able to donate please send these in with your sons/ daughters.

We would like to remind all parents that in a medical emergency, should emergency medication or fluids need to be administered to any students, we will follow all guidance in line with duty of care to ensure that the safety of all students remains a priority at all times. We will endeavour to seek consent in all instances and in the event that this is unobtainable will always act in the best interests of the health of the child.

If you have any concerns with regards to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact your son/ daughters Head of Year who can be reached via reception.