06 Jun

Dear parents,

We are currently in the process of updating our school mission statement, our Chaplaincy Pupil Voice team have been working hard this year to rewrite this and we are asking all stakeholders to look at our draft and give feedback.

We want our mission statement to reflect the journey our school has been on in recent years and sum up who we are as a school community, what our purpose is and what we have/will accomplish. Please read our new draft below and email any feedback to Mr Bayliss, Head of Religious Education, Strategic Lead of Catholic Life (Chaplaincy) & PICCL at dbayliss@holytrc.bham.sch.uk


Holy Trinity Catholic School Mission Statement 

Holy Trinity Catholic School exists to serve the local community; Christ is at the centre of our school and our greatest example. Our school is a place where uniqueness and diversity is celebrated and respected because we know and believe that we united as children of God and created in His image. Through acts of learning and love we grow in knowledge and spirituality, we are inspired to become successful citizens and moral neighbours to all of humanity.