05 Feb

Holy Trinity will be celebrating Safer Internet Day today, Tuesday 5th February 2019. To mark this special day, students will have the opportunity to take part in some key discussions. Our aim is to raise awareness of ‘online consent’ via the internet and for students to think about whether their information is ever truly private.

Students will be advised on what they need to do to keep safe when using the internet. In support of the campaign, key messages will be delivered via form time inputs using the video resources provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre. Students will discuss and cast a vote about whether we can ever truly have privacy in a world with the internet, encouraging them to think about the sharing of information on the web.

There will also be an opportunity for students to respond to a series of key online concerns via a display board in St Chads foyer; responses to these issues will then be explored as a school community moving forward. Posters campaigning for a safer internet will be displayed around school. We are also signposting this important information provided by the Safer Internet Centre:

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