14 Jan

Your child’s work during this lockdown has been put together with great care and thought by your child’s teachers. It is a requirement that the work is completed. It is more important than ever that learning continues despite the closure of school and we are confident that the work we have provided, and continue to provide, will enable this to happen.

Some ideas that may be of help are;

  • Create a routine for them with a set time to wake up, a set time to start work, breaks, exercise, healthy snacks, regular hydration and of course time for them to relax.
  • Limit screen-time on tablets, Nintendo Switches, phones, playstations, I pads etc. It is easy to fall into bad habits and all of the evidence shows too much screen-time can have negative long term effects on children’s wellbeing. The guidance is that no more than 2 hours per day is spent on such devices. Using chromebooks and laptops for school work is obviously not included in this.
  • If your child has been asked to learn something, you could test them afterwards and help them to memorise whatever is required.
  • If your child has been asked to read a passage of writing and then answer questions based on this, you could read the work through with them, maybe reading a paragraph each or asking them to read it to you first.
  • And finally, please remember these are tough times for everyone, especially our children. A clear routine, structure to their day, interesting, engaging work, regular contact with their teachers and looking after their physical and mental health are all crucial ways that we can support them and ensure they come through this as happy and secure young people.