02 Jun

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Just before half term, 40 of our Year 9 students had a great opportunity to watch a performance about the issue of climate change. The performance was called ‘Out Loud’ by Sudden Productions, and outlined the immediate importance of climate change, such as the causes, impacts and possible solutions.

The story began with a robot being transported back to 2019 from 2069, telling a film writer how damaged the environment has become, and that it is now the opportunity to make sure that this doesn’t actually happen. At first, the man approached was sceptical, stating that why would anyone listen; no one is interested. The stance was that anyone and everyone has a voice, and that collectively we can make a difference. So, the man went into a school and told students all about climate change, the causes and impacts, and asked the audience how they could help solve the issues. That was where our students had the opportunity to become involved and they gave some thought provoking answers. Another actor played the role of a climate change sceptic and said it was boring, playing on his phone showing he didn’t care. However, the premise was that even he could make a change, by using the social media platform to spread the message of climate change.

The message of the play was an important one, and very current in today’s world. If we don’t all act to combat climate change now, the situation could be irreversible in under a decade. Issues such as coastal flooding, drought and famine will become the norm, so we need to act now!

How can we make a difference?

  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Drink from a refillable bottle
  • Try to reduce the amount of meat we eat
  • Try to look out for palm oil in our products (trees are the lungs of the Earth, and they are deforested for palm oil in particular)
  • Take a shower, not a bath
  • Unplug electronic devices when not in use (they still use power!)
  • Walk or cycle more
  • Use public transport

Views from the students:

‘I loved it!’ I believe that we should follow the idea of sharing information about climate change on social media’ – Year 9 girl

‘We need to plant a garden and use it for vegetables’. Climate change is a serious issue and we have to do something soon’ – Year 9 boy