19 Dec

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“The students at Holy Trinity Catholic School are the future, judging by all the exceptional and outstanding talents witnessed here on a daily basis; I can guarantee that it is a bright future indeed!

Someone once rightfully said ‘teamwork makes the dreams work’, and it is due to the resilience and strong work ethic of our students that will lead us to inevitable success. To put things into perspective, the best way I would describe our foundation would be a lighthouse. In the same way that the light guides the sea, our school helps to guide its students and exposes us to many opportunities that may await us.

What makes a light shine brighter than any other, is us. We are the leaders of tomorrow. Our passions carve the vibrant paths ahead of us and these cannot be suppressed. The ability of each and every one of us, forms the uncontainable light that beams with such liberation and will continue to shine with pride for years to come.

I would like to conclude by saying, dare to dream big and never underestimate your talents.”

(Head girl, Celebration Evening December 2019)