10 Jan

Please see below details of the Extracurricular Clubs available to our pupils this term.

Our Learning Resource Centre is also open each day from 8am, at breaktime, lunchtime and after school for reading, quiet study and homework.

Watch this space for a debating club due to start soon!

Lunchtime Boys badminton – open to all year groups
3pm-4pm Year 9 boys basketball (Mr Hawkeswood)
3pm-3:45pm Year 7 homework club (SMA3 with Mrs White)
Lunchtime KS3 Boys basketball
3pm-4pm All years boys badminton (Mr Garrison)
3pm-4pm Year 10 football (Mr Hawkeswood)
8am-8:30am football for KS3 (Mr Hawkeswood)
Lunchtime girls dance all year groups
Lunchtime KS4 boys indoor football
Lunchtime girls basketball open to all year groups
Lunchtime comfy club in Drexel Centre (invitation only- please see Mrs McDonagh for details)
3pm-4pm girls football open to all year groups (Miss Khan and  Mrs John)
3pm-4pm boys table tennis club open to all year groups (Mr Garrison)
1:30pm-2pm Week 1 only Creative Writing club open to all year groups (SMI 1.8 with Miss Khalid and Miss Constantinou)
Lunchtime Singing club open to all year groups
Lunchtime Friday Prayer open to all year groups (in chapel and SMI5)

Please note, all after school clubs run until 4pm unless they involve an away fixture. A register of all pupils attending after school clubs will be held in the office.

Thank you to our PE department for providing such a wide range of Sports Clubs for our pupils to enjoy and to all staff who give up their own time to provide such great opportunities for our pupils.