18 Oct

We are pleased to publish details of our Extra Curricular opportunities for this term. Please note, some clubs are due to start after the half term break. Thank you to all of our staff for giving up their time to provide these opportunities for our pupils.


Day Lunch After school
Monday Girls Basketball- Miss Khan (Sports Hall)


Active Citizen Club- Mrs Wragg (SCH1 from 1:30pm)


KS3 History Club- Mrs Nicholls (SMA4 from 1:30pm) Starts Nov 2023


KS3 Science Club- Miss Barre (SCH 13 from 3-4pm)Starts Nov 2023


Ethics club- Miss Bird and Mis Akhtar in SCA4

Year 8 Boys football- Mr Garrison (Astro)


Year 10 boys- Mr Hawkeswood (football field)

Tuesday Girls Dance club – Mrs John (dance studio)


Science homework club – SCH6 (Ms Comelio) Starts Nov 2023

Year 7 Boys- Mr Hawkeswood (football field)


Year 7-9 Girls football- Miss Khan (Astro)


Year 10 Engineers Computer Aided Design (SCH9) Starts Nov 2023

Wednesday Mr Garrison- Boys badminton club (Sports Hall)


Comfy Club (Drexel) (invitation only)


Debating Club (Mrs Smith/Mr Bayliss) SCA3


“Band group” for KS4 pupils – Mr Halloran (visiting instrument teacher)

Thursday Boys basketball KS3- Mr Hawkeswood (Sports hall)


Chess Club- Mr Boyle Week 1 (SMI20)

Mr Shaw Week 2 (SMI21)


Table top gaming club for all year groups- Mr Bayliss (SCA3)


Singing club for all year groups- Mr Sherman (SMI31)

Girls Netball club- Mrs John (sports hall/tarmac)


Year 9 boys football- Mr Garrison (astro)

Friday Year 11 boys football- Mr Hawkeswood (Sports hall)