19 Apr

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For our Lenten fundraising this year, each year group focused on various activities. As always, our school community came together to make this such a success and gave generously in many ways: in their time, energies and in contributing money to their selected charities.

The FIFA tournament held during lunch breaks was a great success! We also held a sponsored walk for Year 7, a create an Easter card competition and a ‘bake an Easter themed cake’ competition.

Congratulations to Salma who created the beautiful winning cake!

Year 10 and 11 held a coin drop. Year 10 held their coin drop in the playground
10A – had the longest line with 12m and 54 cm
10E – raised the most money – £42.59

Year 11 held their coin drop in SMI12, as it was warmer and easier!
11C – had the longest line, 23m , and also raised the most money £31.26.
11F (the smallest form) raised an impressive £20.31

Congratulations to all our students and tutors, you should be very proud of the amounts you have raised for our selected charities, CAFOD and Acorns Hospice.