29 Nov

On Wednesday 22nd November, the Holy Trinity Geography department took 47 GCSE students from both Year 10 and 11 to carry out some fieldwork on the effectiveness of flood management strategies in Bewdley. During the trip, students walked down the River Severn into the town of Bewdley, looking at land use and flood severity of different locations. At different points, the leaders of the groups Mr Woolgar and Mrs McDonagh would explain previous floods, and the issues that Bewdley have faced and have overcome. Further down the river, they detailed the different flood management strategies that are evident, such as permanent brick walls and demountable flood barriers. Students found it interesting that at the click of a button, metal posts come out the ground and then barriers are installed to an extra height of 3-4 metres in order to stop flood water getting into the town.

Students then needed to complete bi-polar surveys and ask local residents and businesses some questions, which not only is important for the Unit 3 exam, but gives them the confidence to be comfortable speaking to people they don’t know; an important life skill.

After this, and a nice chippy lunch, it was time to go home. A great trip enjoyed by all!!!

Student quotes:

‘I want to take a little bit of Bewdley home with me!’

‘That’s a meander? I’ve never been near a river before!’

Thank you to all the support on the trip from Mrs McDonagh, Mr Oulton-Doris, Mr Tucker and Ms Myles.


Mr Woolgar (Head of Humanities)