22 Mar

Dear Parents/ carers, 

 Thank you for your continued support of school this term. We are very proud of our pupils and their achievements since September. 

 We have a few reminders and updates for when we return after the break and would appreciate your support with this. Pupils are reminded that they are allowed to wear one pair of studs and these must be plain gold/ silver effect. No other jewellery is permitted. Footwear must be plain black and suitable for school. Lycra skirts and trousers including leggings are not school uniform. Trousers must be full length and not cropped. Headscarves and hair accessories must be black. Our school blazer and tie must be worn every day and at all times. It is important that pupils follow these expectations so that they look smart and presentable. If there are any concerns, please inform your child’s Head of Year in the first instance. 

 We continue to be in the top 25% of schools with good attendance. Pupils are reminded that they must attend every day, on time if they are to meet their full potential. We aim for 100% at all times. We are thankful to all of our families and their support with this ambitious target. All information relating to attendance and our school uniform can be found on our school website. 

 We have recently updated all of our PSD and RSHE (relationships, sex and health education) curriculum maps on the school website. If you have any queries about this, please contact me via the school office. 

 Finally, we would like to wish you a restful break and blessed Easter. We look forward to welcoming your child back after the break. 

 Best wishes, 

 Ms Hodson (Associate Deputy Head teacher)