09 Nov

On Wednesday 8th November, 30 pupils across Year 9 and 10 visited the HSBC offices in Centenary Square, Birmingham. The day highlighted that there are many jobs/careers/pathways available within a company such as HSBC; not just banking and finance. The day started with a leadership panel, who were highly inspirational, discussing their path to where they are now, with many stories of resilience resonating with our pupils. The overall message was that no matter what barriers you face, you can overcome them and achieve. As well as this, pupils were exposed to careers in publishing through Penguin books and #Merky Books who have worked with Stormzy. They also engaged in activities related to influencer and gaming careers, as well as some very important information about cyber fraud and social media. The visit was very educational, and at no point did any pupils or staff feel that they were inside a bank. It is clear that HSBC are a partnering company for many different careers and opportunities, such as financial education, creativity, photography, social media platforms, gaming, influencers, banking, finance, corporate sustainability and many more!

The school are looking to work with HSBC in the future, with some exciting opportunities on the horizon.