07 Feb

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On the 26th January, the whole of Year 9 and twenty-five Year 11 students tuned into a special Holocaust survivor screening for Holocaust Memorial Day. The students actively listened to the testimony which involved a detailed account of the persecution of the Jews in Germany from 1933 to 1945. Her detailed account gave substance to what the students had been studying and raised a great historiographical debate on how should we memorialise the Holocaust? It also stressed the importance on the power of words and how influential testimony can be. The response from the students was fantastic:

‘It was really moving to watch, many people suffered and face treacherous actions. Personally, I found it really emotional; this is real and it did happen. This marks a significant part of History.’ Asefa Begum (Year 9)

‘Personally after watching her speak about all the horrors that happened throughout her life, it really brings to light how much we take for granted.’ Sonia Odedra (Year 9)

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The event was a fantastic opportunity for the students as they will be the last generation to be able to hear Holocaust survivor testimony. Furthermore, it was a significant chance to remember the Holocaust and the suffering experienced in Nazi Germany.