14 Sep

  • If your child is displaying any kind of Coronavirus symptom (temperature, persistent dry cough, loss of taste or smell), they must stay at home for 10 days. If a member of your household is displaying any symptoms, the whole family must stay at home and isolate for 14 days. In both instances, ensure that you book a book a test within 5 days of displaying symptoms by using the online system or by ringing 119 if you are unable to book online. We would advise that you notify school in the event that your child or a family member receives a positive test. Please contact school if you are unable to access a test for any reason.
  • If your child has recently travelled from abroad, it is very likely that you will need to self-isolate for 14 days. Please check the Home Office Travel website for the latest information; if you are at all unclear contact school. If you become unwell and develop symptoms during the period of self-isolation, it is important that you book a Covid 19 test as soon as possible.  Please be aware that the list of countries where you need to self-isolate changes almost daily and it is important that you check carefully upon your return.
  • Your child has been briefed in all social distancing and hygiene measures that school have put in place. Hand sanitiser is provided in school and available in every classroom and outside of school, however, pupils are permitted to bring their own supply. Please continue to remind your children about the important of hand washing and sanitation.  It is especially important that all children wash or sanitise their hands upon entry to the school premises.
  • In line with Public Health England guidance there must be no gatherings of more than 6 people either at home or outside of the family home. We all have a responsibility to follow this in order to reduce risks, especially for the most vulnerable.

Due to health and safety regulations, it is vital that parents are to remain socially distanced and outside the school gates to avoid social gatherings; parents must call school first to make a designated appointment. Please avoid gathering around the immediate entrances in the interest of health, safety and hygiene to protect both pupils and all parents/ carers.

A reminder that parents must not spontaneously arrive at school looking to collect their child without warning; if the child has an appointment; school needs to be informed of this at least 24 hours in advance. This message can be communicated by phone or in writing with all relevant information and documentation being shown to their Form Tutor at least 24 hours before the appointment.

For the next week, pupils will need to bring a packed lunch to school. If your child is normally in receipt of Free School Meals, a packed lunch is provided for them in school daily. It is envisaged that pupils will have access to hot food and canteen provision later in this first half term, once we can be sure it is safe for them to do so

Please ensure that pupils have full uniform including a blazer and tie, a school bag, a clear pencil case and equipment.  In the short-term pupils will not need their PE kit in school- further notice will be given when this is required.

In line with guidance, large groups of children in inside spaces is not permitted and groups should not gather outside.

Pupils should avoid using public transport where possible; if pupils are to use public transport they are required to wear a mask unless exempt for medical reasons.

Road markings have changed on Bolton road, as there has been an introduction of a cycle lane. Please ensure that you park legally and safely. In both Bolton Road and Oakley Road parents are not permitted to park on or block the emergency access gates or on the double yellow lines. You will be asked to move if you are parked unsafely- in the interest of the safety of all pupils.

All pupils will also be shown how to access the Oaks collegiate resources for additional home learning and independent study. Further information will be made available via the school website or via the following link https://www.thenational.academy/.

It has been widely documented that the long-term risk of missing education outweigh significantly those presented by the pandemic and all children are now expected to return to school.  We are not remiss about any detail even if it is a small or minor one and are determined to ensure that our pupils access the outstanding education to which they are entitled.  We are working hard in school to support the wellbeing and reintegration of all staff and pupils.  We would like to thank you for support in ensuring that this happens and for ensuring that outside of school you are following all Public health England safety and guidance in order to ensure the safety of your families and our wider community.

Should you require any further information please contact the school by e-mail info@holytrc.bham.sch.uk or phone only. Thank you for your continued support.


Mr C Crehan                                                            Mrs J Daw

Headteacher                                                   Deputy Head Teacher