22 Aug

Congratulations to all our students, parents and staff for achieving a set of impressive results. Another significant improvement which will certainly place our progress measures well above national standards once national estimates are confirmed.

We are also very proud to announce that 11 students achieved the top mark, a grade 9. One student achieved three grades 9 and another student achieved a grade 8 or above in seven different subjects. Outstanding.

  • 11 students achieved a grade 9.
  • 28 students achieved at least a grade 8
  • 73 students achieved at least a grade 7

Attainment 8 and Progress 8

Our attainment 8 has significantly improved to 43.11, an astonishing improvement, which approximately represents an improvement of an average of 4 grades per student in comparison to the previous year.

Progress 8

Based on last years’ estimates, our Progress 8 is expected to improve significantly and it is provisionally at +0.24, and it is expected to be positive in all baskets.

English and Maths

Results continue to improve in English.

Our English and Maths results continue to be strong. 73% of our students achieved at least a grade 4 in English Literature.

The percentage of students achieving Standard Basics has increased to a record 58%.

Achievement by subjects

Great results in a range of subjects.

Languages Value Added

The Value Added in Languages is expected to improve significantly, and using last years’ standards, it is well above national at +1.15. We entered our students to a range of languages: Arabic, Bengali, French and Urdu.

One grade 9 was achieved in Arabic and in Bengali.

In French, 86% of all students entered achieved at least a grade 4, 68% at least a grade 5, 55% at least a grade 6 and 32% at least a grade 7. 3 students achieved a grade 8.

Religious Studies

The results in RE were outstanding.