18 Sep

Please find below details of our Extra Curricular Sports provision for this term.

On Monday, we will be issuing details of other Extra Curricular clubs and activities available in school.

Thank you to our PE department for providing such an array of opportunities for our pupils.



Lunch 1:20-2:00pm After school 3pm-4pm


Miss Khan – Girls Basketball – Sports Hall

Mr Garrison – Year 8 Boys football- astro

Mr Hawkeswood- Year 10 Boys- football field


Mrs John-  Girls Dance club – dance studio


Mr Hawkeswood-Year 7 Boys football field

Miss Khan- Year 7-9 Girls football- astro


Mr Garrison- – Boys badminton club – Sports Hall


Staff training


Mr Hawkeswood- Boys basketball (KS3)– Sports Hall

Mrs John- Girls Netball club- sports hall/tarmac

Mr Garrison-Year 9 Boys football- astro

Friday Mr Hawkeswood- Year 11 Boys football – Sports Hall