Head of Mathematics:
Mrs Henvey
Second in Mathematics:
Mrs McCarthy


Teachers of Mathematics:
Mrs Wallace
Mr Boyle
Mrs Straw
Teaching Assistants - Numeracy: 
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Walsh

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” Albert Einstein

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Autumn term

Data Handling, Number, Basic Skills, SSM, Algebra

Spring Term

Algebra, Data Handling, SSM, Number

Summer Term

Algebra,Number, SSM, Basic Skills

Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Autumn term

Number, Algebra, Handling Data, SSM

Spring term

Number, Algebra, SSM, Handling Data

Summer term

SSM, Algebra, Number

Year 9 Curriculum Overview

Autumn term

Shape, Number, Algebra

Spring term

Sequences, Handling Data

Summer term

Algebra, Handling Data, Number

Year 10 Curriculum Overview

Autumn term

Shape, Number, Algebra, Sequences

Spring term

Handling Data, Algebra, Number

Summer term

Handling Data, Number, Shape

Students are assessed at the end of each topic studied.

Websites – Useful Links

There are many maths websites that can help with your studies.
Here are some of our recommendations;
(Please see your teacher for individual logins for the two websites above).