09 May

On Wednesday 1st May, 50 pupils across Year 7 and Year 8 enjoyed a trip to Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd in the Shropshire Hills. This trip was a whole different experience to what they have potentially done before, away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham. They experienced lots of outdoor space full of beautiful countryside, and they especially loved taking photos of all the sheep!!! On arrival, pupils were taught more by the National Trust guide around what to expect on their visit, including varieties of animals; what to do if an animal approaches; as well as the Countryside code of conduct, around use of litter bins and ensuring nothing is left on the Long Mynd, due to impact on wildlife and the fact that it is a protected area.
On the first walk of the day, all pupils walked to the reservoir, before relaxing for a well earned drink. At this stage, Mr Woolgar explained to pupils some of the features in the area, including the reservoir, the river channel, interlocking spurs and V-shaped valleys. This will be the first time for many that pupils have seen this, including the river itself. We then descended the hill back to the footpath, taking a longer route up the mountain to the waterfall. This part of the walk was a little more difficult under foot, but teachers and pupils managed it really well. When we got to the waterfall, we had our lunch in the beautiful surroundings and admired the views across the valley. We then walked back down the mountain to the cafe and enjoyed a drink and ice cream.
It was a brilliant trip, and one that pupils enjoyed and will remember for a long time. Same time next year!!’