20 Jul

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We were delighted to welcome special guests including Governors and members of our wider St Teresa of Calcutta MAC family to a special morning at Holy Trinity. Our new Sports Hall and Inclusion Block, The Drexel Centre, were blessed and opened officially by Father Peter.  Students from our Student voice and Chaplaincy Team represented our school community.

Our New Sports hall can be used for badminton, basketball, handball and indoor football and cricket. We know this will provide endless enjoyable hours of sport for our students over many years.

Our new inclusion block is named after an inspring role model, Saint Katherine Drexel. She is recognised as a Saint for her devotion to Christ as well as helping the poor. She was a philanthropist, educator and religious sister. Over her lifetime, she inherited money from her family, which she devoted to charity as she opened new schools. Before retiring, she had more than 500 Sisters teaching in 63 schools throughout the country. Saint Drexel was known for her love of the Eucharist as well as her drive for total unity. Ultimately, her main goal was for inclusivity in the education system. She believed that everyone, especially those from minority groups should have access to a quality education. As a school, it is of the highest importance that we follow in Katherine’s footsteps and strive for total inclusivity at Holy Trinity.

Our new inclusion block will give our SEN students access to any extra help and nurturing they may need to reach their full potential. Our goal at Holy Trinity is similar to Saint Drexel’s in that we will educate our children to become well rounded emotionally, spiritually, socially and academically.

We also celebrated two masses today, giving thanks for this academic year. With special thanks to Mr Bayliss, Mrs Doyle, Miss Hancock, Mr Sherman and Miss McKiernan for their work in organising both the service and our celebration of Mass.