02 Dec

The week beginning 27th November saw the launch of our Anti-Bullying week, starting with the Odd Socks Day.
To make sure everyone that knows the importance of making a noise about bullying, the Anti-Bulling ambassadors delivered assemblies for all year groups throughout the week. They spread the very clear message that we are all part of the FAB Team (Fight Against Bullying) and WE all need to report anything that we might think is bullying or anything that looks like bullying. Whilst it is just a week of promoting the message, the fight against bullying is all year – every year, every day, all the time.

We are writing to our local MP Shabana Mahmood through The Anti Bullying Alliance to ask the following;
Please could you work with Secretary of State for Education, Gillian Keegan MP, and the Department for Education to put in place the following measures:
Schools should be required to have an anti-bullying lead responsible for coordinating an anti-bullying strategy.
Initial teacher training should include anti-bullying training: Currently, teachers are not required to even know what bullying is as part of their initial teacher training.
There should be a duty to record bullying in schools in England as there currently is for schools in Northern Ireland.
Thank you everyone for all of your hard work and support.