23 Apr

For students working from home, please see the relevant files below:

Guide to setting up 4G Router

Guide to using Chromebook

Remote learning information by class and Year Group (14.01.21)

Remote Learning tips for Parents and Carers ( 14.01.21)

Remote Learning Guidance Booklet (14.01.21)

Year 7 Work

Year 7 Workbook 3

Year 7 Food Tech – Recipes to try – One per week

Year 7 History Work

Year 7 Geography Work

Year 7 RE Work

Year 7 PSD Work

Year 7 PE Fitness exercises

Year 7 Music Body Percussion Demo video

Year 8 Work

Year 8 Workbook 3

Year 8 Food Tech – Recipes to try – One per week

Year 8 History Work

Year 8 Geography Work

Year 8 RE Work

Year 8 PSD Work

Year 8 PE Fitness exercises

Year 8 Music Body Percussion Demo video

Year 9 Work

Year 9 Workbook 3

Year 9 Food Tech – Recipes to try – One per week

Year 9 History Work

Year 9 Geography Work

Year 9 RE Work

Year 9 PSD Work

Year 9 PE Fitness exercises

Year 9 Music Body Percussion Demo video

Accelerated Reader for Years 7 – 9

When you have finished your AR book, if you have internet access, please click on the link below to take you to the AR website. You can log in with your normal username and AR password:


myON – Continue reading for pleasure!

Click on the exact link below to access thousands of enhanced digital books (ebooks) through myON. There are also articles to read from myON News. myOn is free while we are off school and you don’t have to create an account. For KS3, lots of these books will have a quiz too. Enjoy:


Archive: Workbook 2 (Summer Term – 20th April onwards)

Year 7 Workbook 2

Year 8 Workbook 2

Year 9 Workbook 2

** NEW: Food Tech Work Recipes to cook for Years 7-9 ** One recipe each week

Year 7-9 History and Geography Resource folders

KS3 History Resources

KS3 Geography Resources

Year 10

Year 10 Workbook 2

Year 10 GCSE Resource folders

Year 10 GCSE Geography Resources

Year 10 PE Resources (GCSE and Sports Studies)

Year 10 GCSE Photography Key Words

Archive: Workbook 1 (Spring Term)

Year 7 Workbook

Year 8 Workbook

Year 9 Workbook

Year 10 Workbook