A very important update for all Parents/Carers regarding school attendance for the new academic year (2022/23) Please click below:

Whole School attendance letter 2022-2023

Holy Trinity Catholic School is committed to improving attendance and to raising attainment for all students. Good attendance is crucial for our  students to enjoy and achieve both whilst at school and in further education and the world of work.

The Government expects all students to attend school and has a minimum expectation of 95% attendance for all students although staff work tirelessly towards a goal of 100% attendance for all students. Every opportunity will be used to convey to students and their parents or carers the importance of regular and punctual attendance.


If a student is going to be absent, parents are expected to contact the school before 9.00am. Telephone number 0121-772-0184 and select option 1 for student absence.  If no contact is made by the parent/carer then the school will make first day contact via text message and or a phone call from the schools pastoral team, the information will be recorded and the register altered accordingly.

There is a Health and Safety aspect to First Day Calling – a child who is missing from school may well be injured or worse. It is therefore important that we hold accurate contact details for all parents or carers. All parents and carers should ensure that suitable contact numbers are made available to the school at all times.

Students who are absent for 20 school days could risk losing their place at Holy Trinity. For a student who have been absent without an explanation for 10 consecutive days, the Local Authority will be notified by the school submitting a referral to the external agencies, including if deemed appropriate IFTS team (Integrated Family Support Teams) and Children’s services. The school will record details of the actions that they have taken. Frequent Absence.

Holidays during term time are not authorised by the school, in line with guidance issued by the Local Authority. Any requests for absence during term should be submitted in writing to the head teacher. Only one day is allowed for Religious observance during term time.

Punctuality is also extremely important at Holy Trinity Catholic School. The expectations of the school are:-

  • School starts at 8.40 am and pupils should be in assembly or at their form room by 8.40 am each day. The student is deemed late if the student passes through the gate after this time.
  • If a student arrives after this time with a genuine reason, they should bring a note from home to this effect, or parents must contact the office by 9.30 am.
  • Students should report to main reception or to the Attendance Office depending on the circumstance.
  • Any pupil arriving after 09.30 am without a valid reason will be marked as unauthorised (U).